The Gray Ghost

Volume One

Introduction: The series is introduced with an historical survey of the War Between the States and a brief biographical sketch of Major John Singleton Mosby.

Prisoner Exchange: Mosby kidnaps General Stoughton from his headquarters in order to exchange him for a beautiful Confederate spy.

Jimmy: Mosby deals with an unscrupulous sutler who is selling supplies -- and information -- to the Yankees.

Problem of Command: Mosby mediates between a determined Union sympathizer and her love-sick admirer -- C.S. Lieutenant Sinclair.

Humble Pie: Mosby must go into Yankee camp to get some medicine which will save the life of one of his wounded men.

Christmas Carol: Mosby helps deliver a baby for a family whose home was destroyed by the Yankees on Christmas day.

Observation Post: Mosby captures a Yankee observation post just in time to save the Confederate cavalry from disaster.

Volume Two

The Missing Colonel: In preparation for a prisoner exchange, Mosby must kidnap a Yankee Colonel to replace one who has escaped.

Angel of Louden: Mosby must determine whether a kindly old woman or her beautiful young housekeeper is a Yankee spy.

Manhunt: After a young Yankee courier is accidentally killed, Mosby is forced into a game of "cat and mouse" with the boy's vengeful father.

Belle Rebel: Mosby comes to the rescue of a beautiful Virginia woman who has been arrested by Pinkerton's secret service for espionage.

Navy Man: Mosby's suspicions are raised when his men encounter a U.S. Naval officer on the road through Virginia with an Army escort.

The Humanitarian: One of Mosby's men is badly wounded and it is up to a Yankee surgeon and his embittered daughter to save his life.

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