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The Negro: The Southerner's Problem

by Thomas Nelson Page
Originally Published in 1904
Reprint Edition, 2015
paperback; 199 pages

In this treatise on the race relations between Whites and Blacks in the South both before and after the War Between the States, the author demonstrates the undeniable harm that came to both races as a result of the interference of the Northern Abolitionists in Southern affairs and the premature emancipation of four million slaves and their elevation to a political status for which they were completely unprepared. Page also includes an historical outline of the barbaric history of Negro Africa and the dismal failure of the Black republics of Liberia and Haiti, and predicts dire results for America should this country ever become Africanized. And yet, at the same time, he calls for a humane treatment of the American Negro on the part of the dominant White race, and a renewed effort on the part of the Southern people in particular to seek his betterment, pointing out that the Black man was not directly responsible for the woes brought upon the South during the War Between the States and Reconstruction.

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1 x Liberty and Slavery
1 x State Sovereignty and the Right of Secession
1 x The Negro: The Southerner's Problem
1 x Dixie After the War: Eyewitness Accounts of Reconstruction
1 x The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government
2 x A Confederate Girl's Diary
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1 x A Defense of Virginia and the South
1 x The Heart of a Soldier: Intimate Letters of Gen. George Pickett
1 x The Women of the Confederacy
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1 x A Voice From South Carolina: A Narrative of the Upstate
1 x The Terrible Swift Sword
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